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District Attorney
Micheal Murray

200 South Broadway St.
Suite 323
Brownwood, TX 76801

Phone: 325-646-0444
Fax: 325-643-4053

First Assistant District Attorney

Elisha Bird
Assistant District Attorneys
Cara Landers
LorAnn Newman

Discovery Access provided by the 35th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

All discovery for criminal cases for the 35th District Attorney’s Office is provided through the linked portal.  Once your account has been created by the District Attorney’s Office, you will be sent a username and password that will allow you to access all felony criminal cases for which you are the attorney of record in the 35th District Court.  Please note that you will be prompted to change your password after you have successfully completed an initial log into the system.  The District Attorney’s Office will not have access to your new password, so please retain that information for your records.  Your password will be case sensitive.

Upon initial log in, there are some parts of our database that you will be denied access to.  The system is functioning properly even if you are not able to access those searches.  You are only allowed to view the folders of cases in which you are the attorney of record in the 35th District Court.

Your account will grant you access to a drawer titled “Brady Information for Defense Attorneys.”  You will be able to view all folders inside that drawer and all documents uploaded into each folder.  All generic non-case specific Brady notices will be placed inside this drawer.  Please take the time to review everything uploaded in this drawer as it will not be uploaded into a specific case.

You will be required to comply with all legal and ethical obligations imposed by the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Rules of Professional Conduct, federal law, and any other provisions relevant to handling the information provided. 

Please also be aware that by federal and state law some types of discovery cannot be disseminated.  Any items that the District Attorney’s Office cannot upload will be listed in the document titled “Available for Review in DA’s Office.”  You may make an appointment with the District Attorney’s Office to review all items that cannot be uploaded, and you are welcome to view those items at your convenience in our office or to obtain a digital copy if that is possible and allowed under the law.  It is your obligation to check the document entitled “Available for Review in DA’s Office” regularly to see what additional discovery has not been uploaded.